Squished Miniatures… ;-;

Not so nice collection of smushed miniatures… ㅠㅠ This is what happens if you be lazy and don’t bake them fast enough.:/

An completely destroyed Charlotte Cake…

A sad Vanilla Cake slice with chocolate frosting and crumbs…

Last but not least, a chocolate cake slice… Didn’t die off too bad. I could do some touch ups here and there to make it look like it never got smushed. :)) Sorry for the bad photo zoom. xDDD


Oil Pulling? | My thoughts.

Hey guys!!:)
Today I will be talking about the well known, “oil pulling!” What exactly IS oil pulling?? It’s swishing oil in your mouth until all the bad bacteria out of your mouth. ^^ (To put it in a more simple way~) Read away!!~ ^^

***DISCLAIMER*** : I am not guaranteeing this will work for everyone! Please research oil pulling for yourself if you can’t find the information you need on this article.:)

My first thoughts on it was… Nonsense!!! I read a article 2 months ago that cavities could die out JUST by oil pulling! Of course. I was skeptical about it but then I decided to try it out… I used Sunflower Oil and it was DISGUSTING. I couldn’t stand the taste of it!

A few weeks later I grew a more larger cavity in the backside of my lower teeth and had a toothache so I decided to try out oil pulling again with Olive Oil.. The taste was way more endurable than Sunflower Oil!:) I been trying it out for four days including today. ^^ I asked my mother if there was any difference in my teeth and she said my teeth looked more cleaner and white!!😀 I definitely do feel a difference in my mouth after oil pulling including whitening, less toothaches, and fresher breath. ^^

I researched a little bit more on oil pulling and I read that people who tried out oil pulling improved eyesight, had healthier and shiner hair, cavities gone, toothaches gone, no more jaw pain, etc! :O

Most people use Coconut Oil but it is hard like lard until you melt it in your mouth.^^’ I would recommend using Olive Oil by my experience.:)

I recommend you yourself should try out oil pulling!!:) Also make sure to research more about it. ^^


I read that you could use any oil- Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc. (I use Olive Oil!) Every method is different and this method is taken from a article online. ^^

– Take 2 tsp of any oil and put it in your mouth.

– Melt it for at least 10 seconds if necessary.

– Swish for at least 5 minutes. For more better results, I would recommend (and others too) 15-20 minutes max.:)

Let me know your experiences or your thoughts on oil pulling. ^^

P i c t u r e s

I always seem to take photos whenever the sun is setting… I wonder why I do that!

Here are some more roses!:)


More plants.



Some red flowers~


Thank you so much for looking! I will be posting more tomorrow.❤

Microwave Mug Cake! <3

So today I wanted something sweet to eat and I ended up eating rice and seaweed soup… But then I thought of something brilliant and decided to make a steamed cake! But of course, my laziness never fails so I gave up on doing that. Then once again later I remembered that there is always a nice microwave mug cake!😀

Yes, a microwave mug cake! The first time I ever tried attempting to make on ended up as a total mess, seriously. Some recipes are just so disgusting…

It was super delicious and I couldn’t help but make a second batch– With doubled ingredients so it could be more bigger.:) If you want a bigger sized mug cake, double or triple the ingredients.😉

– 2 TBSP flour
– 1.5 TBSP sugar (I used brown sugar!)
– 2 TBSP milk
– 1/8 TSP salt
– 3/4 TBSP oil
– 1/4 TSP Vanilla Extract
– 4 TSP instant coffee powder or cocoa powder (OPTIONAL)

1.) Use a little bit of oil or a oil spray to grease your mug.
2.) Mix all the dry ingredients together then add the milk, oil, and vanilla extract. ***I added more milk because the batter seemed too dry***
3.) Pour the batter into the mug and microwave on high for 1 minute. If is not done, microwave on 15 seconds each time until done.

You can use melted chocolate/sprinkles/etc to decorate your mug cake. I used dark chocolate and peanut butter and it tasted so HEAVENLY.😀
I am so addicted to this mug cake… Probably the best recipe for mug cake!:)

Hello again~ ^^

I have been pretty busy with making miniatures and etc but managed to take a few pictures~😀 Please enjoy them! ^^ 





Seems like grape season has arrived!😛Image



Ajos~ ^^ 


All of these photos are really lame but I hope you liked them anyways. <33

Dessert Topic!

Happy New Year!❤
Thank you so much to everyone who always checks my blog!:) I know my blog isn't updated much due to my utter laziness, but I still try! ^^ I took a lot of pictures so I wanted to share with you guys!

BERRY SEASON means lots of berry dessert!😀




More desserts…


No photos!?

Hey guys!😀

Today I have no photos – No update yesterday either! I felt like I should take a short break from all this blogging craziness, haha. ^^ There are GUESTS in our house right now. That’s right. I feel like I am stuck in the room with computer right in front of me… Summer break could get really boring, no kidding.😦 Wish I had something productive to do! My eyes are starting to be hurt so goodbye for today!😉

Have a lovely day, everyone.❤

Mini Blueberry Pancakes~

I found some frozen fresh (not exactly, but if it is frozen when it is fresh, it’s technically fresh to me!) blueberries in the freezer so I decided to make some Blueberry Pancakes… It took practically forever to find a good recipe without any butter but I did find it. :) 



A close up of the greasiness and deliciousness of these pancakes.❤



I am literally suprised at myself for blogging 3 times in a row! I think I am starting to adore blogging…😀 That is some really great news for me because it was a chore for me to update this blog. 

Here’s the recipe for these Butterless Blueberry Pancakes!😉


= Butterless Blueberry Pancakes Recipe =

I N G R E D I E N T S 

– 1 cup self rising flour

– 1 teaspoon of baking powder

– 1 tablespoon of sugar (I used brown sugar, but the truth is brown is sugar is white sugar dyed BROWN.)

– 2 eggs

– 1 lemon (To zest)

– 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (I put a little bit more because I love lemon juice.)

– 3/4 cup frozen or fresh blueberries

D I R E C T I O N S 

1.) Mix the flour and baking powder together in a medium bowl.

2.) Put the sugar and lemon zest with the flour mixture and mix.

3.) Add the 2 eggs and lemon juice.

4.) Mix all the ingredients together until well mixed.

5.) Stir in your blueberries in the batter.

NOTE : You can make small or medium pancakes. I made small pancakes by using only a tablespoon of the batter.


Thank you for stopping by!❤ Hope you guys can try out the recipe~ ^^

Have a great day! 

Nature Photography!

I took some pictures yesterday and decided why not share with you guys?:)

These are some purple and pink hydrangeas. ^^







Some swiss chard (Not exactly sure!) 



An ant’s perspective… Andddd my hair in the second picture ruined it. TT-TT




My favorites!:)











That’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed them! I hope to improve more and more in the future. I really enjoy taking pictures. ^^ 

What were your favorites?:)