10 Minute PB Yogurt Delight Dessert

It all started out when I was eating some Flourless Peaunt Butter Cookies…


And then a fabulous idea popped out of my brain! It’s so quick and easy… And amazing. I believe stop loving my brain for that.



And yes, I didn’t post for a long time, I know…. I was real busy. Forgive me, LOL. not that anyone sees my blog anyways.


I love it! Now keep this a secret, but I ate 3 platters of this.



Garnish with some PB crumbs and decorate.





– 170 grams of Plain Yogurt or Greek Yogurt
– Whipped Cream (To decorate)
– 2 Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
– A pinch of Ground Cinnamon


1.) Pour the Plain Yogurt/Greek Yogurt into a medium bowl and mix until the mixture is runny.

2.) Get out a separate bowl and put your two cookies into the bowl and mash them until only crumbles remain.

3.) Then, take out a small serving plate and use a tablespoon to transport the yogurt mixture onto the plate. Use 3 tbsp of yogurt.

4.) Take your crumble mixture and garnish the yogurt mixture until the satisfied amount is put.

5.) Take your whipped cream and make a small dollop on your yogurt mixture with the crumbles. Get a pinch of ground cinnamon and decorate your whipped small dollop with it.

6.) Make before hand and refrigerate or make after a meal. Enjoy!


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