Feeling Lazy…


Hey, y’ll. 

These past few months I haven’t been posting, I have been busy. (Sort of… I guess?) Excuse my extreme laziness not posting anything! I have been scolded by my father because the oven prices are so expensive whenever i use it. I have been obsessed with making no bake cakes – S T E A M E D ! I absoutely j’dore it because I don’t have to use the oven! Who could resist!? 😀 Too bad i erased the pictures I took of them…. I pretty much erased it because they were so errie white and disgusting looking… Sorry!

While studying, well procrastinating, I felt so hungry that I decided to make my all time favorite snack : Egg Pizza! 


Doesn’t it look amazing! It tastes almost like pizza but FASTER & HEALTHIER! Excuse my terrible photos… I’ll do better next time! 😉


And for a small dessert, I ate some 60% Dark Chocolate… Oh, man. I love Dark Chocolate! So rich and lovely… *drools*




Ciao! Until next time… 🙂




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