School is finally over! Goodbye, school, HELLO SUMMER BREAK! 😀

No homework and tests to worry about! I can’t express in words how happy I am! To celebrate the last day of school, yesterday I made myself some Cinnamon Waffle with a scoop of Mango, Guyabe, and Papaya gelato including some Granny Smith apples and peaches with a dash of cinnamon! 


Doesn’t it look so heavenly!? By the look of it, you could see I am obsessed with cinnamon! I just love cinnamon so much! Anything with cinnamon : YES PLEASE! Credits to me for taking the beautiful picture! ^^ Since it’s December and Summer break, I will def post more bloggings and pictures! I really enjoy taking pictures of almost anything – Food especially, nature, and my artworks! Now that I mention art, I finally can have some free time to start on drawing again! I haven’t drawn for decades~ 😛 I will start updating artworks on my other blog, The Crafting Days! I haven’t been very active at all on that blog, I know… *hides in shame* But I will be now! 😉


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