Oil Pulling? | My thoughts.

Hey guys!! 🙂
Today I will be talking about the well known, “oil pulling!” What exactly IS oil pulling?? It’s swishing oil in your mouth until all the bad bacteria out of your mouth. ^^ (To put it in a more simple way~) Read away!!~ ^^

***DISCLAIMER*** : I am not guaranteeing this will work for everyone! Please research oil pulling for yourself if you can’t find the information you need on this article. 🙂

My first thoughts on it was… Nonsense!!! I read a article 2 months ago that cavities could die out JUST by oil pulling! Of course. I was skeptical about it but then I decided to try it out… I used Sunflower Oil and it was DISGUSTING. I couldn’t stand the taste of it!

A few weeks later I grew a more larger cavity in the backside of my lower teeth and had a toothache so I decided to try out oil pulling again with Olive Oil.. The taste was way more endurable than Sunflower Oil! 🙂 I been trying it out for four days including today. ^^ I asked my mother if there was any difference in my teeth and she said my teeth looked more cleaner and white!! 😀 I definitely do feel a difference in my mouth after oil pulling including whitening, less toothaches, and fresher breath. ^^

I researched a little bit more on oil pulling and I read that people who tried out oil pulling improved eyesight, had healthier and shiner hair, cavities gone, toothaches gone, no more jaw pain, etc! :O

Most people use Coconut Oil but it is hard like lard until you melt it in your mouth. ^^’ I would recommend using Olive Oil by my experience. 🙂

I recommend you yourself should try out oil pulling!! 🙂 Also make sure to research more about it. ^^


I read that you could use any oil- Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc. (I use Olive Oil!) Every method is different and this method is taken from a article online. ^^

– Take 2 tsp of any oil and put it in your mouth.

– Melt it for at least 10 seconds if necessary.

– Swish for at least 5 minutes. For more better results, I would recommend (and others too) 15-20 minutes max. 🙂

Let me know your experiences or your thoughts on oil pulling. ^^